Guide for Art

Preferred Applications & File Formats

(All supporting graphics should be in their original formats)

Adobe Acrobat PDF (.pdf)

Adobe InDesign (.id, .eps,or .pdf)

Adobe Photoshop (300 dpi or higher) (.psd, .jpeg, or .tiff)

Adobe Illustrator (.ai, .eps, or .pdf)

High resolution PDF


File Resolution

Any raster artowrk needs to be at least 300 dpi.

Placed Images

You will get the best results when you include images with your file, instead of placing or embedding them. Placed images ofter allow enough information for a preview of an image but do not contain the proper information to print the graphic at a higher resolution. Embedded images are not editable. In order for images to print the graphic at a higher resolution and to allow for edits, we highly suggest including the graphic files separately.

Vector vs. Raster

When submitting art for a spot color orders, use vector graphics over raster graphics for the best quality. This allows you images to be easily manipulated and editable. Colors used in vector graphics are solid, without variation. Since vector graphics are mathematically based, resolution in never an issue.


If the fonts have not been converted to curves, paths, or outlines included both printer and screen fronts used by your document. Please include all fonts and images when you send your files.


If there are images or colors that "bleed" (extend to the edge of the label), then we require an extra 1/8" image past the label edge to ensure the image or color meets the label edge. All other text and graphics should be contained within a 1/8" print margin inside the label edge.

Compressing & Combining Files

For the best results, we recommend that you compress your files before uploading, especially if they are large. Compressing files provides for easy downloads and takes up less space. They are also less susceptible to file corruption then files that have not been compressed. Stufflt Deluxe from Aladdin Systems is a good compression program. You can also use file-sharing options such as and Dropbox. Examples of compressed files are .zip and .sit files.

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